Simulation trainings

June 17, 2022
John Flutter, UK

Simulation training «The Breathing Program»

John Flater

Hands on workshop.

The purpose of the Master Class is to improve diagnostic skills to identify and treat dysfunctional breathing.

The doctors will learn how to look at the face, the head posture, the swallowing and breathing pattern and identify what has to be addressed first.

Demonstration of use of CapnoTrainer to accurately measure dysfunctional breathing.

Demonstrate and learn exercises to help to establish nasal breathing.

Simulation training plan:
  • Introduce Myofunctional Orthodontic Evaluation form (MOE);
  • Look at the fields relating to breathing;
  • Airway patency;
  • Diaphragm breathing;
  • Breathing control.

Break 30 minutes

  • Using volunteer children demonstrate and complete breathing evaluation;
  • Doctors in small groups to evaluate each child;
  • Feedback on the results of the doctors evaluations.

Lunch 1 hour

  • Breathing exercises;
  • Doctors to practice on volunteer children;
  • Demonstrate postural and diaphragm exercises.

Break 30 minutes

  • Postural analysis;
  • Head posture, spinal lordosis and pelvic rotations;
  • Identify postural landmarks and dysfunctional breathing on each other;
  • Relate breathing patterns to postural patterns to malocclusion and TMJ dysfunction.

June 20, 2022
Veronika Ganchuk, Ukraine

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