June 18-19
Lecture part

Myroslava Drohomyretska

orthodontist Myroslava Drohomyretska, Ukraine

Why not all children breathe through their noses? Physiology of respiration.


Patrick Fellus

orthodontist Patrick Fellus, France

Role of the brainstem in automation of nasal and lingual praxis in myofuctional therapy



John Flutter

orthodontist John Flutter, Great Britain

Malocclusion and dysfunctional breathing



Aladin Sabbagh

orthodontist Aladin Sabbagh, Germany

Obstructive sleep apnea and orthodontics



Fabio Savastano

neuromuscular orthodontist Fabio Savastano, Italy

Peripheral Arterial Tone (PAT) and Obstructive Sleep Apnea Diagnostics in Dentistry



Thierry Gouzland

doctor myofunctional therapist Thierry Gouzland, France



Yuriy Pogoretsky

somnologist Yuriy Pogoretsky, Ukraine

Interdisciplinary aspects of somnology: diagnosis and treatment of sleep and sleep disorders. An orthodontist-somnologist is a reality of modern professional orthodontics


Nazariy Tuz

orthodontist Nazariy Tuz, Ukraine

Airways and occlusion. Does an orthodontist treat breathing?



Natalya Pilyaeva

speech therapist Natalya Pilyaeva, Ukraine

Age features of respiration in children


Sponsorship reports

Veronika Dercsar

orthodontist Dr. Veronika Dercsar, Hungary

The importance of functional education in airway problems


Gioacchino Pellegrino

orthodontist Dr. Gioacchino Pellegrino, Italy

Relationship between the vertical growth, the way of breathing and the preformed orthodontic devices


Samuele Cova

orthodontist Dr. Samuele Cova, Italy

Discover Equilibriodonzia with the Balancer technology! The new interceptive orthodontics for children



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